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Our Mission

The existence of Simple Efforts Market is to serve the planet. Our job is to find conscious, ethically-made, sustainable products so that you don’t have to. We aim to make living a zero-waste lifestyle as accessible and effortless as possible while also enriching the lives of producers, consumers, and the planet.  Providing high quality alternatives, we want to eliminate the preconception that living consciously requires you to sacrifice the things in which you find joy. Our mission is to build a community of love and awareness, to shift the societal standard of normal.

Our Standards

The idea of sustainability is fairly new, constantly evolving, and often times vague. With that in mind, we have made it our job to incessantly seek out the gold standards of verifying bodies that pertain to each particular field in order to develop  a thorough, honest set of criteria. While all of our hosted products may not currently physically  bear these seals of approval, we hold them to the same standards. We look to these standards as example criteria both during our processes and perpetually throughout the duration of each individual partnership. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to maintain the integrity of our brand. All partners are required to provide complete transparency, and are encouraged to pursue additional certification.

Our Values


A key component of creating a more sustainable world is responsibility, and within responsibility, accountability, the two are interdependent. Being responsible requires accountability not only for our actions, but also for the influence we may have on others. As a business, we vow to operate with an air of caution, and integrate morality, fairness, and rationality into every decision we make with full ownership irrespective of the outcomes. We will remain mindful of the impact we may have on others and our environment , and will do everything in our power to be a positive example to the communities we serve. Our goal is to provide you with safe, quality, affordable alternative products, protecting the interest of both you and our planet. With the understanding that consumption is an innate component of the human experience, we also understand it must be done responsibly. We look for solutions that deliver quality products and minimize each individual environmental footprint.


Wisdom requires experience and and a willingness to accept new information as truth. Both as individuals, and a team, we are always seeking to further educate ourselves on topics and practices within the realm of sustainability. We view evolution as a vital component to success, and challenge all participating vendors, in addition to any affiliated entities, to further quality improvement and growth to strengthen themselves and our communities. We work hard to monitor the integrity of our site, and all cooperating brands, in regards o sustainability, ethics, and character, to ensure you receive products true to you and true to our brand. Here at Simple Efforts Market we value transparency and want nothing more than to earn your trust.


There is beauty in both our differences and our homogeneity as a species. We believe empathy to be one o the most redeeming qualities bestowed upon mankind, allowing us to understand the adversities of others. This quality provides us with the tools to act with love, respect, and compassion, fostering a community of peace and unity. Every decision made on behalf of SEM is made from a place of mindfulness and care. We want every voice to be heard and considered, our impact on the lives of others is at the forefront of our actions. We value life in its many forms and will work to restore harmony between mankind and nature.

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Kitana Anderson

Kitana Anderson

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We works tirelessly to ensure that we have partners  dedicated to making an impact. We are always looking to expand our family and provide ample options for our clients. All vendors have a voice here, we work together. We want to make it easy for everyone to transition to a zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle, and we understand that it takes a team to do so. If you care about the earth, in all its splendor, please , join us in this movement. We look forward to hearing from you 

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